10 Room Decorating Tips

Decorating your first room can be terrifying. Following these tips can give you a great insight into becoming an instant decorative pro!


1.    Give your furniture some breathing room – If you’re working with a tight budget this tip can come as great news. Overcrowding a room can take away from the design, allow yourself to spend more on quality pieces rather than stuffing it with useless finds.

2.    Choose paint color last – There are thousands of paint colors with various tints, tones and shades. And each one looks different from home to home, because light sources vary, meaning what looks good in your current home might not in your new one. You want the color that best complements your upholstery, artwork, rug and whatever else. You can pick that color only if your stuff is actually inside your home.

3.    Scaling artwork relative to the wall – It is best to hang artwork and other wall pieces approximately 60 inches from the ground (average human eye level).

4.    Understand importance of rug placement – Placement of a rug can do wonders for a room. It can help open it up and make it feel more spacious but can also make the room cozy depending on the size of the rug.

5.    Resist the urge to over decorate – Many first time homeowners tend to follow themes they find in magazines and on TV. However, these looks lack individuality. Allow yourself to open up and express yourself through your own design and imagination

6.    Make a focal point in the room – In creating a focal point it gives you the opportunity to set a theme and decorate things around it. Whatever the focal point may be, make sure that it will draw attention to anyone who may walk in the room.

7.    Be careful what you buy – Just because something looks great in the store does not mean it will look great when you set it up at home. Picture everything being in your home before making a purchase.

8.    Add layers of lighting – In a room where everything is lit evenly, it is difficult for anything to stand out. Adding layers of lighting like lower lighting and table lamps allows guests to analyze the room more clearly.

9.    Be Bold – Personality is what makes a space stand out. Make your room the way you like it and have fun while doing it. The more attempts you make at decorating your room the more you’ll understand your own style and be able to see what works and what doesn’t.

10. Be creative – It is necessary to give yourself an initial set of guidelines. With that being said, it is YOUR room and you can decorate it the way you like it. 

9 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Winter

With cold and flu season beginning to make its mark on the Northeast, Rego Realty would like to provide you with 9 easy tips on how to keep you and your friends healthy and happy during the winter season.

1.    Stay Hydrated – Doctors recommend that adults consume at least 8 glasses of water each day. While consuming water, it is also important to partake in water-rich foods.
2.    Keep Stress Levels as Low as Possible – Several studies show that high stress levels are directly linked to adults catching the flu. Minimize stress by decreasing work and travel times, spending time with friends and family and investing time in hobbies.
3.    Eat Healthy Foods – Maintaining a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables is proven to keep your body clean and in good working order.
4.    Understand your body – Do homework on yourself and understand what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad. Eating mainly vegetables may work for some people and not for others. A diverse mix of all foods is typically the best way to keep your body healthy.
5.    Exercise – Any amount of exercise that can be fit into a daily routine will be beneficial to the human body. Getting out and going for a short walk can do wonders for a person’s mental state as well as their immune system. 
6.    Sleep – The average adult should get at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night. Without the proper amount of sleep, the body becomes very susceptible to illness. Sleeping helps recharge a person’s batteries!
7.    Good Hygiene – Be sure to always wash your hands to keep bacteria and viruses from entering your system. Keeping a hand sanitizer near you at all times can be beneficial to you and your co-workers
8.    Don’t Smoke – Smoking severely weakens a person’s immune system. Avoid it at all costs!
9.    Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks – Sugar is detrimental to the immune system. Avoiding sugar can be one of the most essential tools in keeping a healthy immune system.


5th Annual Hartford Art Sled Derby

Where: Elizabeth Park

When: February 11th - 11AM

As the winter months’ progress and the holiday seasons end, people tend to get a little down in the dumps. Endless amounts of snow, blistering cold weather and early sunsets can lead us Hartford residents to get a little groggy.
However, this coming February the Hartford Art Sled Derby Group is bringing back the most enjoyable event of the season. The 5th Annual Hartford Art Sled Derby is slated to start at 11am and go for about two hours. With already 200 confirmed guests planning to attend, this year’s event is sure to be the best one yet.
The committee urges participants to use their imagination and create the best sled possible. 

Tips to building an Art Sled:

Step 1: Grab an already existing sled, or anything that will slide on the snow.
Step 2: Be Creative! Add decorations, sculpture, lights, flags, banners, fabric, construction, ANYTHING YOU WANT!
Step 3: Bring your ART SLED to the park.
Step 4: Slide down the Hill! and...
Step 5: HAVE FUN!


Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/1519517915...

Speed Cleaning Tips

It's time for Spring Cleaning! Finding the time to clean your house can be difficult at times, but it must be done. Here are a few tips on how to clean your house quickly and efficiently.

Let's start with the bedroom:

  • Make sure you always make up the bed. The room will look much cleaner.

  • Pick up all clothes, toys or dishes that may be lying around.

  • Get the dust up by using a duster or a dry rag. Don't forget to dust the headboard and foot board of the bed.


  • Spray toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet and on the rim and let it sit.

  • Use disinfectant wipes or a warm wet rag and spray disinfectant to quickly wipe down the sinks, tub and shower.

  • Use the toilet bowl brush to scrub the toilet and the rim.

  • Wipe down the toilet seat and surrounding floor with a wet rag and disinfectant spray or disinfectant wipes.

Living Room/Dining Room:

  • Pick up any shoes, dishes, toys or other items laying around.

  • Dust all surfaces with a duster.

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down furniture, table and dining chairs.

  • If there is a desk or table, make sure all paperwork and mail is filed and sorted.


  • Pick up items that don't belong in the kitchen and place them in baskets.

  • Place any dirty dishes in the sink.

  • Unload the dishwasher if necessary.

  • Hand wash dishes, pots and pans.

  • Spray counters with disinfectant spray and use soapy water and a wet sponge to wipe them down.

  • Wipe down stove top.

  • Dry and put away any hand-washed dishes, then drain and rinse the sink. This keeps the counters clutter-free.

Finishing Up:

  • Use a dry mop to clean hard floors. Spot clean with a sponge if necessary.

  • Vacuum rugs/carpet.

  • Clean glass surfaces & mirrors as needed with glass cleaner and a lint-free rag.

  • Put away the items placed in baskets while cleaning.

This quick cleaning routine will become a habit as soon as you know it! Just remember a clean home is a happy home.

*tips taken from livingwellspendingless.com