Rental Walk-Through Checklist

Going on an apartment tour can give you a sneak peak into what your life could look like living in that space.  Before you sign a lease, you’ll want to check certain areas of the apartment to make sure you have all of your needs met. Here are few items you should always check out. 

The Faucets
Head into the bathroom and the kitchen during the apartment tour to check the faucets and the shower head. Make sure to check three things: that the water turns on, that it’s capable of getting hot and cold, and the water pressure is acceptable.

You don’t want to be discovering that your shower only drips water onto you when you hop into it at the end of a long day.

The Toilet
Go into the bathroom and flush the toilet. It should easily flush without overflowing. Stick around to make sure that the toilet doesn't keep running—this could mean a higher utility bill for you should you move into the apartment.

The Kitchen Appliances
Think about all of the appliances you may use on a daily basis, like the stove, the microwave and the dishwasher. Test all of these appliances to make sure they’re in proper working order. Turn on each burner to ensure that it’s working.

The Walls
Can you sleep well at night if you hear your next door neighbor blasting the TV or talking on the phone? Don’t go apartment hunting without checking the walls. Figure out if you can hear unwanted noise and whether or not it makes an impact on your overall decision.

The Doors
Safety is obviously a pretty big thing to consider when searching for the perfect apartment. Make sure all of the doors have locks and deadbolts. If they don’t, ask your landlord if they’re in the process of being put in. 

The Lights
Go through each room in the apartment and switch the lights on and off. Make sure that the lights not only work, but that they’re bright enough too.

If you see anything that may need fixing always inform your property manager as soon as you notice it to make sure your new home is perfect for you!

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Fun activities for a snow day!

There is a bad storm heading our way that will keep us locked away in our homes. Here are few ideas that will help to pass the time and hopefully make your snow day more enjoyable!


For Children:

  1. Work on a puzzle

  2. Paint a picture

  3. Bake cookies with parents

  4. Play a board game

  5. Make a fort

  6. Read a book

  7. If you can get outside, Play In The Snow!

For Adults:

  1. Have a movie marathon

  2. Purge through your closets

  3. Take a nap

  4. Pamper yourself with a warm bath 

  5. Update your music library

  6. Exercise

Safety Tips for Driving in the Snow

Temperatures have decreased rapidly over the past few weeks with some snow storms in between. Here are a few basic items that you should always keep in your vehicle, especially during the winter months.

  1. Ice Scraper- Ice scrapers with a brush on the end are the best so that you can brush snow off your car as well as scrape the ice off.

  2. Spare Tire or Fix a Flat (or both,) Jack, and Lug Nut Wrench

  3. Owner's Manual - It is best to keep it in the glove box just in case. 

  4. 1/2 Tank of Gas Minimum - If you have any less in your gas tank it may freeze in cold weather and creates water in your gas tank when it thaws. 

  5. Blanket - You can use it to keep warm while you are waiting for help, toss it over your head to keep dry(ish) if it is raining or snowing, and keep your car seats clean from wet or muddy kids and dogs.

  6. Jumper Cables

  7.  Road flares/reflectors -They are good to have on hand if you need to alert other drivers where your car is on a dark side of the road while you are changing a tire, waiting for a tow truck, etc.

  8. Flashlight - In case you need to see in the dark! To keep the batteries from going dead before you need to use them, store the batteries in reverse order or out of the flash light altogether. 

  9. Cell phone and Charger- You never know when you will need to make an emergency call.

  10. Umbrella and Rain Poncho

  11. Roadside Assistance Membership- AAA, On Star, through your car brand etc.

  12. First Aid Kit

  13. Work Gloves- sometimes changing a tire or a doing a simple roadside repair can get messy.

Maple Ave NRZ Christmas Party

Miarah Jones, Chief Of Police Rovella, Jessica Reategui and Margaret Reategui 

Miarah Jones, Chief Of Police Rovella, Jessica Reategui and Margaret Reategui 

As a property management company located in the city of Hartford, we have made a generous effort to engage in more community events. The best place to start was with the Neighborhood Revitalization Zone. At these community meetings we will be able to speak with people living in the community and come up with ideas on how to make it a better place.

Jessica Reategui, Miarah Jones, Mayor Segarra and Maraget Reategui

Jessica Reategui, Miarah Jones, Mayor Segarra and Maraget Reategui

Starting off this Holiday season we attended the Maple Ave NRZ Christmas party. We were able to network with many city officials, police officers, community leaders and Hartford residents. The food was catered by local restaurants located in the south end of Hartford to support their businesses and a food drive was also being held at the event. 

At Rego we are more than just a home, we are a part of the city of Hartford and our goal for the New Year is to become diligently active and involved with the community we service.

-Happy Holidays