5th Annual Hartford Art Sled Derby

Where: Elizabeth Park

When: February 11th - 11AM

As the winter months’ progress and the holiday seasons end, people tend to get a little down in the dumps. Endless amounts of snow, blistering cold weather and early sunsets can lead us Hartford residents to get a little groggy.
However, this coming February the Hartford Art Sled Derby Group is bringing back the most enjoyable event of the season. The 5th Annual Hartford Art Sled Derby is slated to start at 11am and go for about two hours. With already 200 confirmed guests planning to attend, this year’s event is sure to be the best one yet.
The committee urges participants to use their imagination and create the best sled possible. 

Tips to building an Art Sled:

Step 1: Grab an already existing sled, or anything that will slide on the snow.
Step 2: Be Creative! Add decorations, sculpture, lights, flags, banners, fabric, construction, ANYTHING YOU WANT!
Step 3: Bring your ART SLED to the park.
Step 4: Slide down the Hill! and...
Step 5: HAVE FUN!


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