The Mark Twain House Ghost Tours

     Calling all ghost hunters, ghost enthusiasts, or anyone interested in the paranormal! Within the past year, the Mark Twain House & Museum has begun leading ghost tours, giving the haunted side of the house’s history. In a group of about twelve or thirteen, I visited the house for a tour on July 26 to see how the tour contrasted to a standard tour, and to hopefully get a taste of the supernatural!

     Overall, I was pleasantly surprised! Unlike episodes of Ghost Hunters or even other “haunted” events I've attended, this tour was in no way over-the-top or fearful. The tour guide prefaced the event with a disclaimer about how, although several previous guests had “encountered” ghosts on the tour, there was no promise we would, and we should probably not expect to.

                     The Mark Twain House at night

                    The Mark Twain House at night

      Because the Twain House is not actually known to be haunted (only one person, Twain’s eldest daughter, ever died there), the tour focused mainly on the historical views on paranormality, and specifically the Twain family’s. The guide told somewhat spooky stories about Twain’s time in the house and how he always felt a strong connection to it, once even writing that his family would always be present there! The vast Victorian-style house, being so old and holding so much history, provided enough spookiness itself that the charming guide (who was not remotely creepy) didn't quite have to. The stories were interesting and enjoyable, and kept me at least a little apprehensive as I walked down the creaky hallways and took in the huge house.

     If you are interested in history and want to discover personal stories of the Twain family, I recommend you take the tour and see for yourself what it’s like (I’d also recommend going later in the evening when the sun is fully set; mine was at 6pm which didn’t quite set the right tone). However, if you’re looking for a creepy, spine-chilling adventure, maybe go to Fright Fest at Six Flags instead. “Graveyard Shift” Ghost Tours continue in October 2014—in time for Halloween!

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