is a privately held company located in Hartford CT headed by President and CEO Jose Reategui. Reategui’s disciplined approach to property acquisition and management results in benefits for all-higher tax rolls for municipalities coupled with affordable living in neighborhoods for working families and individuals.

Rego provides a diverse profile of homes with over 20 years of experience. Its well-maintained properties are leased near capacity with an occupancy rate of over 95%. Rego is sought out by developers, government officials and neighborhood associations alike to bring Reategui’s touch to new revitalization projects.

Rego improves quality of living by presenting affordable homes for working families and individuals seeking a vibrant, urban lifestyle. We satisfy our clientele by:

  • Acquiring existing residential and commercial properties.

  • Constructing and renovating  residential and commercial properties.

  • Leasing properties.

  • Improving maintenance service for our customers.

  • Constantly developing new services for our customers.